Event wrap up: Collaboration and Connection – 04 May 2015 An open event and intro to the group’s vision

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The 04 May event was our first open-forum event. It was wonderful to see everyone so open to connecting and becoming part of a group who is focused on giving back to the community. The key messages for the event were all about collaboration and contribution. As individuals we can only achieve so much, but by working in collaboration with like-minded people toward a common goal of contributing back to the community, this creates a very special momentum indeed. By becoming aware that we all have something unique and something special that can add value to any project, tapping into our collective resources creates the opportunity to be able to achieve greater goals.

I could feel the buzz in the room as people came with an open heart and genuine desire to be part of something special which made the opportunity to make genuine connections a real focus for the event.

We also announced our new membership model which is all about transparency and being able to contribute in a way that is meaningful to each person and would like to warmly welcome Tracy Newington and Sharron Attwood to the group who signed up on the night.

To become a member, you can contribute whatever dollar value that suits your personal circumstances. Membership needs to be valuable to you, and you define what the value is. It could be $1 or it could be $1000. Some of us want to contribute and don’t have time and that is ok too. Every contribution is valued and important to see this growth of this group go in to the next phase of project development. Part of the membership fee is allocated toward operational costs and part of your membership fee is allocated toward a community project of your choice. Projects can be submitted by any member and the Board will assess each project and allocate one project per month to the WILD’C program.

  • Our current operational goal is fundraising for $1500 to establish ourselves as a formal not-for-profit group and get the required insurances to allow us to run projects with volunteers.
  • Our current community project goal is fundraising for $2,500 to run our first metro project which is called: Re-Energising Women to Re-Enter the Workforce.

There are always operational costs to organising a group such as this and we are fully transparent. All members can log in to the website and see where our operational costs are going and contribute funds to any areas that suit them.

We are now looking for Board members to assist us with the growth and development of the group. If this is of interest to you, and you have five (5) hours a month that you can allocate to the group, then please do get in touch with our Chairperson, Ruth O’Dwyer (ruth@struthruth.com.au)

Interested in supporting the program, then please join us and click this link to become a member: Join Us – Contribute

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Author: Ruth O'Dwyer