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WILDC project 17 Feb – 7 key volunteer roles to fill

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17 feb - WILD'C - passionate project volunteers needed - v2 The WILDC community project “Re-Energising Women To Re-Enter the Workforce" has funding, 12 speakers, a sponsor and a project manager and one business sponsor. BUT... we need some extra help...     We have 7 key roles to fill - and with your help of one hour per week in providing hands-on support to the project, and achieve our goal of running this program to help women.   I appreciate that for most people, this is a special time of year, focusing on family, end of year celebrations, and generally is a time where we start to relax and unwind and set goals for the coming year.      

7 Key Volunteer Roles To Fill

  We are putting a call out to our WILD'C community. If you have one hour per week and you think this project is valuable, then we need your help. We have 7 key essential roles that we must fill - and we need to know commitments by 21 December.
  1. Event manager (on the day)
  2. Speaker Liaison
  3. Business development / community marketing
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Social Media Manager
  6. Administration and general support
  7. Regional Event - Project Manager (South west area)

See link below to download document for roles and responsibilities. Time commitment - one hour per week - each week.


DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT HERE: WILDC-communityprojectvolunteerlist-sent141215 (2)

  We also have a number of other roles that will really add value to the project development that have been included on the attached volunteer team document. But if we can get these 7 essential roles filled, then we will have a great team to be able to complete the project.  

The WILD'C Vision - collaboration and volunteering our skills

  The entire concept and WILD'C vision is based around volunteering our expertise, working collaborative on projects that help others, and giving back to our community.     We need 7 more dedicated and passionate people to help us move forward and take action to make it succeed.  

Do you have one hour per week? Do you like events and marketing and business development? Then we need your help!

Perhaps you can ask your staff or workplace to allow you to participate for one hour per week to make this project happen. We need you to help us make this work!   Our deadline is 21 December - we need to know from you - can you help us?  

The Time Commitment

  • one hour per week - each week
  • and attending an online meeting for 30 minutes on Skype each month to give an update on tasks completed and future actions required.

The Project

  Everyone that is working on this project are volunteers and one of the difficult aspects of a team volunteering, is meeting the timelines to support others. So it is about committing to the project, understanding the project needs, and making sure that you are able to deliver on your tasks.  

What WILD'C is all about

  The whole WILDC concept is purely a collective of people who are providing their skills and expertise, to create a special project for the benefit of others.   It is not about personal gain, not about personal promotion, it is only about working with others, sharing a common vision, and creating something that is useful and meaningful for others - it is all about giving back.   If you would like to be involved, then please do contact us via email: - before 21 December.     We know that our community of like-minded and passionate women, will step in and help us make this project go ahead. This is your opportunity to help us make this happen.   We look forward to your support.  
  See link below to download document for roles and responsibilities. Time commitment - one hour per week - each week. DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT HERE: WILDC-communityprojectvolunteerlist-sent141215 (2)  
  Best wishes, Ruth O’Dwyer Founder | Chairperson Mobile: +61408880961 Email:  
  Thankyou to the amazing support our speakers! Help us create the event that will help others

Author: Ruth O'Dwyer