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The concept of sharing food with a community of like-minded women really is a special part to our events. Conversations for Change happen naturally and you can really break down some of those social barriers and just be in the natural flow of connecting. It all starts by participating and collaborating, you become inspired through listening to shared experiences, and you connect on a more meaningful level with people at the events.
The core of our group purpose all revolves around taking action and giving-back to our community by utilising our skills and expertise.  Through collaboration and giving, this is where we believe the true of essence of a strong community will build – and this becomes our networking with purpose. In our reflections of our group vision, we have shifted from focusing on “networking” at our events to the new mantra of: Community, Connection and Collaboration.


When you present a theme like “The Feminine Leader”, it really is heartening to see women stepping up into roles and contributing with an open heart. We had an amazing collaboration session about our community project, “Re-Energising Women To Re-Enter The Workface, at the 03 August event.
We began with an Open Forum, where we provided an update on the development of the project (link). An Open Forum means that each team leader is invited to speak to the group and touch on the developments that have taken place since the previous meeting. This ensures everyone is a participant; sharing what each person is comfortable with and contributing to the sharing of knowledge and expertise.
We then moved into the “Inspiring Story” segment where someone from our network is invited to share a story of giving. Marianne (Mel) Rom was the co-founded of a Global Community Project to empower women in rural Philippines to start a sewing business.  This project has grown over the years and to this day has won international awards under the guidance of Carol Hanlon, TCF Global.
  • The purpose of this initiative was to equip 110 Barangay community centres located throughout the island with sewing machines and all other sewing related materials and equipment.
  • The goal was to create an opportunity for women to generate income and start a small business thereby breaking the cycle of poverty, getting their children off the streets and back into school and to contribute the their family’s well-being.
We were so honoured to have Marianne share this story with us because it demonstrates what can be achieved when people participate in a collective. It can be just an idea, which is like dropping a pebble in a pond and from this pebble, you see the ripples grow. This is also what we hope to achieve in our community by sharing ideas, sharing knowledge and collectively we can create some powerful ripples of positive change.
Finally we invited our guests to share with the floor and let our community know what it is that they needed to help them become a better leader. This creates an opportunity to for our network to get support other women in their own journey toward becoming a more mindful leader.

With all the event formalities over, it was time to move to dinner and conversations for change, and take that idea of reaching out to the community over a shared meal.


 The format of this event brought us to an evolution of collaboration. This is the way we will now move forward as a community
  •  Next event: 07 September
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Written by
Ruth O’Dwyer
With thank to Jay Crisp Crow for her input and support in helping us streamline our vision for clear communications with loads of meaning!


Author: Ruth O'Dwyer