The Visioning Session: Key take-a-ways and goals for the group (08/12/14)

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LinkedIn_WILDC_Event_141208_VisioningEvent1The first in a Leadership Series of events was hosted last night (08/12/14) by a new community group called Women In Leadership Driving Change (or the short name – the WILD’C Network).

Attended by a superb calibre of women in leadership roles extending across a range of sectors certainly did create a diverse and charismatic bunch. From engineers to occupational therapists, HR to leadership facilitators, business owners to business leaders.

The purpose of this first event was to create the vision for the group through collaborative discussion. The diversity of this group ensured that the focus was on creating a culture of inclusiveness and connection.

With the focus groups for this event being around: Leadership, People and Events, the key take-a-ways are outlined below:

  • Grass roots leadership, bottom up approach is the favoured model – but looking to expand impacts to the wider community
  • Developing a solid foundation and culture
  • Walking the talk
  • Being inclusive: not role specific, not sector specific, being welcoming to all
  • Not just a business focus – but emphasis on personal development and personal growth (all areas)
  • Change will occur both at a personal level and within the wider community
  • Being genuine and authentic in this group is key to success – be our true selves

As the founder and initiator of the group, it was everything I could have hoped for. Positive enthusiasm, a drive to create change within the wider community and a list of unique event ideas that I can’t wait to get started on for 2015.

The group will remain smaller to begin with to ensure the foundations are set, and the message clear. But if you would like to keep updated about the development of this group, then do connect with our LinkedIn community network or join our mailing list.

Contact the group:

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I look forward to sharing more with you and creating positive change through our community!

Best wishes,

Ruth O’Dwyer


Author: Ruth O'Dwyer