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Speaking confidently can have an immense impact on your career. Did you know that communication is the top quality that employers look for?
Public speaking - communication
Public speaking might sound daunting or overwhelming, but we often do this in our day to day lives. Speaking at a church, in our community groups, sharing with our friends. It is about taking this communication skill to the next level and starting to think about how you can use this idea of speaking confidently to advance your career forward.
At the event, I will be sharing my public speaking skills and you will be able to take this tips and tools away with you to think about how you can use them as you begin the journey to re-enter the workforce. With a bit of practice, public speaking will come to you naturally. It is about being prepared, being confident, knowing what you want to talk about, and having a focus or desire outcome at the end. Think about how you do this with your children… you know you are a natural already!


#1 Look Your Best
The smarter you look the more professional and confident you will feel. This is especially important for public speaking beginners.  If you feel confident, you act confident. Ensure your clothes are comfortable so that you can freely move. Don’t wear clothes that may be distracting for your audience. Too much bling or wearing a fabric that rustles is best avoided.
#2 Know The Room
If possible, check out the room where you will be speaking before the event. I find that I am much more relaxed if I know exactly how the room is laid out. I had a bad experience when I failed to do this one time. I had an important speech to give and I was dressed to impress including high heels. The heels click-clacked on the wooden floor every time I moved – very distracting for my audience! If I was familiar with the room prior to my speech I would have worn rubber soles heels. Lesson learned!
#3 Know Your Material
Do your research and know your topic inside out. The trick is to come across as spontaneous even though you have spent a lot of time preparing. If you know your material really well you will also be more prepared for the Q & A session. Don’t wing it! as this will ultimately cause you more stress. On the topic of material, ensure you acknowledge the source of material that is not your own such as quotes and key pieces of work that you citie.
#4 Know Your Audience
Who will you be speaking to? Work colleagues, friends and family or a paid audience. It is important to know your audience and what they are expecting to hear from you. Do they want to be entertained, to learn something new or to be motivated to take action? If you know you audience you are more likely to satisfy their needs.
#5 Practice…And Practice More
You can not have too much practice. The more familiar and comfortable you are with your material, the more you can relax while you are speaking. This will allow you to come across as an authority on your topic. You are less likely to forget your words or clam up if you have taken the time to practice. Always perform your speech out loud and deliver it just like you plan to at the event. You may like to make a recording of your speech so you can see how you look.
#6 Maintain Eye Contact With The Audience
Eye contact builds rapport and if you use effective eye contact you are able to connect with individuals in the audience. If you do need to use notes, try to do so sparingly and make sure you are looking up at the audience as you are speaking. When you need to glance at your notes, pause in your speech, grab your next speaking point from the notes and look at the audience again before you speak.
#7 And Finally…..Visualise Your Fantastic Presentation
You have checked out the room, you know the audience, practiced your speech and plan to dress for the occasion. What you can do now is to visualise yourself standing in the room in front of an audience delivering a fantastic speech that they love. Try to think of this if you get nervous, it helps to remain focussed if the negative thoughts start to creep in. Above all, enjoy!

Lisa Evans, MBA is an award winning speaker and a certified World Class Speaker Coach who teaches people to use their voice as powerful tool to share messages and stories to create change.
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