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The heart of giving back – what does it mean to you?
At our September event, Vida Carlino, Inspirer and Mentor of Inspiration Source shared her inspiring story with a strong message about the importance of ‘showing up’. Vida advocates ‘showing up’ is the first step to making a difference and helping others.
The program Vida talked about is called She-Matrix, and it has helped over 7,000 people during the last 20 years find deeper connections and meaning in their life. The program is entirely run through volunteers and it all started with a desire for a deeper-connection, that has now turned into a global community. The vision is so clear: “to ignite global awareness of the mysterious interconnectedness of all life, and to cherish each individual as a gateway to infinite possibility”. It is the shared passion with like-minded people that has created this amazing group, and we can learn a lot – it is about keeping the focus on a strong vision and inspiring the commitment from our community that will lead our very own WILD’C community forward as a collective.
As part of our monthly events, we provide the Open Forum space to share the developments of our community give-back initiative, and to open the floor to new ideas for inspiration and other projects that our community can support.
Small steps forward as a collective of like-minded people will create a positive and powerful movement of change.


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Community Project Update

Our first project, “Re-Energising Women To Re-Enter the Workforce”, now has a new brand (thanks to Nicole for the original design! and we added a little bit of WILD’C “w”-ness to her design) What an exciting milestone to achieve with our marketing committee.
We also have confirmed the venue for 17 February 2017 (Wednesday) at The Rise in Maylands. Tickets will be priced at $10 for the workshop, which runs from 9.30am – 3.30pm. The ticket includes lunch, so is priced so that the maximum amount of attendees can come along.
We have started a Facebook group for people involved in the event, attendees and businesses who would like to support the project. It has only just started but if you would to be part of the conversation for change in this space, then join the group here: – it is a closed group so just send a request and we will add you. Join in! Start the conversation for change! Be part of the community! Be part of the project!

Open Forum Update: The Flow Of Ideas

Following on from our Monthly Inspiration event in August, we have taken on some of the ideas and are in the process of developing an app to support the community project initiative. It is a really exciting project that will be able to support a lot of women and can be a valuable resource to the wider community; including government organisations and referral agents that are helping support women back into the workforce.
We can’t reveal too much just yet, but this is all a result of having the open forum, where no idea is a bad idea, and amazing things can be created by having an open mind and an open heart to allow the endless creation of dynamic possibilities.

The goal of WILD’C is to create a community where we can collaborate and leverage our skills, expertise and knowledge to create projects that empower other women. Men are invited to this group also. It is not a women’s-only forum. To create a positive change and shift in mind-set it is about dropping the pebble in the pond to let the ripples flow. We are all part of that pond and I look forward to sharing that with you.
Written by
Ruth O’Dwyer
Founder / Chairperson – WILD’C Network
And special thanks to acknowledge the communications support from Jay Crisp Crow to help create clarity in our messages.


Author: Ruth O'Dwyer