New job? 3 simple tips to dress for success at work

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The exciting news is “I have a new job!”   And then comes the question women have been asking for centuries and will be asking for centuries more “What am I going to wear?”
Obviously the answer depends on the type of work you will be doing and the environment you will be working in.   However there are some simple rules that seem like common sense but are not always obvious. It is best to keep it simple until you feel more comfortable in your workplace and you understand what is acceptable.
Always think professionally. A short motto to help you:

comfortable, light and neat

1. Firstly and most importantly you must be comfortable.  

Tight clothes and high heels are two big “no no’s”.  Yes your legs look good in the stilettos however you are going to work and not a fashion parade and need to be able to walk around easily.  It is also distracting if your tight skirt makes it hard to easily go from standing to sitting and vice versa.  Sometimes it is better to wear a bigger size and be comfortable.  IF you are fortunate enough to be provided with a uniform wash it first and don’t order the smaller size.
Don’t flash your flesh, tattoos or facial piercings.
In an office environment think modesty. Your employer and work mates do not need to see your cleavage, the tops of your legs your tattoos or the stud in your upper lip.  You want to make a good impression from the start and ‘flashing’ will not do it.

2. Light on the make-up and jewellery

Sometimes in an effort to look good we can overdo the make-up and jewellery.  Keep the make-up natural and not too much (particularly gaudy) jewellery.
You can’t go past a good black pair of trousers or skirt.
Teaming up a black pair of trousers or skirt with a nice blouse always looks professional.  If you think of men’s work attire the advice is always a nice pair of trousers and shirt.  This works well for women too.  I find trousers more comfortable and practical for work however it is a personal choice.

3. Neat and Tidy always

Having your hair tied back keeps your hair neater throughout the day. If you wear stockings don’t have ladders (I keep a spare pair in my hand bag and a spare hair tie to keep it pulled back if needed).    Make sure you iron materials that easily crease (avoid linens and silks).


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Author: Ruth O'Dwyer