Introverts are leaders too – how to survive in this extroverted world

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Being an introvert does not mean you are shy, but that you can be overstimulated by a lot of noise. Introversion is a personality trait characterised by a focus on internal feelings rather than on external sources of stimulation. We are all in positions somewhere along the spectrum of introversion and extroversion with about 60% of people being in the extrovert sphere.

As an introvert, you are in some great company: Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg, Hillary Clinton.

The brain science support this concept as there is evidence of an actual physical difference that influences the person to be an introvert or extravert. Introverts have a larger receptor in the brain that responds to external stimuli (noise, chatter etc), and too much stimuli can be overwhelming. As a result, the brain wants to “shut down” and the introverted person wants to escape the situation.

When returning to the workplace, understanding how you respond to different situations and people (or perhaps how someone in your team is responding), will help you be a more effective team member.

In the business world, we all need to do a bit of networking – to develop new connections, build new relationships or even networking and connecting within own teams. Networking can seem overwhelming for an introvert, but there are strategies that you can implement to help you manage the situation better. My tip: perhaps limit yourself to 1 – 1.5hours, and don’t aim to get a fistful of business cards, just try to connect with one or two people.

We all lead within our workplace in some way. By understanding that introverts just have different ways of doing things, you, and your team, can function more productively.


  1. Be yourself – people can smell fake from a mile away.
  2. Understand that there’s nothing wrong with you, you do not LACK anything, you just have a quiet temperament.
  3. Know yourself!!! – when is your energy greatest? network at that time and be strategic about it. Give yourself a time limit.
  4. One or two genuine connections is worth a fist full of business cards.
  5. Remember – ‘shy’ is a fear of social humiliation; extroverts can be shy. Introversion is just a preference for environments that aren’t stimulating.


Download a copy of Sheryll’s presentation here:

“The advantage of quiet leadership in today’s noisy world” By: Sheryll Fisher

(Note: Sheryll takes inspiration for here work on introversion, from the author Susan Cain. You can find more information on Susan Cain here:



Blog article prepared by Ruth O’Dwyer

Based on the presentation: “The advantage of quiet leadership in today’s noisy world” By: Sheryll Fisher


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Author: Ruth O'Dwyer