Event wrap up 23 Nov – it’s easy to have passion when you know you make a difference

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The simple desire of wanting to give back to the community can turn an idea into a powerful positive force that can make a real difference to the lives of others.

Lenny Jacoby began with a couple of drop off points in the outskirts of Perth to collect donations of toiletries and every-day items that could be given to homeless and disadvantaged people. Coming out of the end of her annual October campaign for 2015, this has now turned into a project with 38 drop-off points in the Perth metro area and has collected over 20,000 items in this year alone (and they are still counting!).

The association is called Essentials For Women Of Perth and they are in the process of formalising their organisation as a charity. This is a huge milestone and a big step forward for what was once just a simple idea.

The items they collect are underwear, sanitary products and other essential toiletries such as toothbrushes and toothpaste for women in around Perth. Lenny shared a pretty confronting face that almost 45% of homeless people in Perth are Women – but you just don’t see them very often.

With her background in Nursing, the compassion and drive to give back is the motivation behind this cause. What she says is, “I know women’s stuff” and it is easy for her to be passionate about it. It is this philosophy that makes her such a motivated individual. She knows the effort she is contributing will really help other people in need.

Lenny also shared some marketing ideas for charities such as getting exposure in corporate buildings that provide an opportunity for one different charity each month to be featured in the building. Or cafes that have the donation jars. It is all about creating awareness.

But I have to say, I simply loved her humble approach to the growth of the group. “It is not about marketing and having the logo everywhere”, she said. It is about letting it grow organically and letting people come forward because they want to be involved. The positive impact that this organisation has, will naturally attract people that want to help make a difference.

One of the big ideas she shared, if you want to contribute, and you travel, collect the toiletries from your hotel room and donate them to her cause. There is a lot of waste in the industry, but these items could supply a disadvantaged person with toiletries for a year. Image the difference you could make to one person’s life for the next year but doing this simple act of giving! So next time you are packing your bags in your hotel room, don’t forget to pack your toiletries and get in touch with Lenny Jacoby.

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Blog article by: Ruth O’Dwyer


Author: Ruth O'Dwyer