Creating Your Life Vision: Goal setting, purpose & mindfulness [Vida Carlino]

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Goal setting and resolutions will not work if they’re just set at the beginning of the year, however, if we address them daily there’s no doubt that we can positively change our mindset.

“A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes”. Mahatma Gandhi

Our subconscious mind is like a huge memory bank. It is programmed by what we feed it, so if it’s fed negative thoughts, bad habits and self-doubt then this will be stored in our subconscious mind and hold us back from achieving our purpose and full potential, both in our business and personal life.

We interviewed Vida Carlino of Inspiration Source, who is speaking on Creating Your Life Vision: Goal Setting, Purpose & Mindfulness.

Q. Vida, share your expertise – describe what you offer to people attending on the day and why you are good at what you do?
A. My background is in accountancy, but my main focus has been in business advisory. I started my first business early in my career and have always studied to improve my skills and personal development. Every single person on this planet has skills, but we have to use them not only for our benefit, but for the greater good. Vida is a leading transformational coach, who has helped hundreds all over Australia create and live better lives.
I’m looking forward to showing how everyone can stand up and play a bigger part in the game of life.

Q. How will you be able to help women – what skills will they learn from you?
A. I recently launched book “My Power Statement – Creating a Transformed Life” which gives simple tools to turn your life into the one you desire. I will be sharing some key strategies from my book to focus on making real and lasting changes in our lives.

Q. Share a personal story – how have your skills helped someone in your professional career.
A. Steph. Was in a state of anxiety, she could not make a decision and was constantly seeking council of others to guide and advise her. She did not know what she wanted, she just knew that she didn’t want what she had. Together we built responsibility that inspired and empowered her. From this place she knew what she wanted and how to achieve it. Her life had been transformed.

Q. Vida, what inspires you and why do you want to be involved in this event?
A. I believe we all have what it takes to live an enriching, fulfilling and prosperous life. Sometimes we just need a little help to remember who we are.

Q. What are your Top 5 Tips and what led you to share them?
A. I have been using these tips for years with my clients and in workshops and they work.

Top 5 Tips – To Create a Vision Worth Living:

  1. Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a way of bringing us back to experience ourselves and life as it unfolds without judgement. Each of us has the skills abilities and talents we need to live a rich and fulfilling life.
  2. Permission: Give yourself permission to consider your own needs, wants and desires for without permission we sabotage.
  3. Own it: We can only change what we take responsibility for, so forget the excuses and be empowered.
  4. Purpose: The reality is, your purpose is not lost, it is not something you have to look for. Our purpose is a by-product of being who we are.
  5. Vision: Hard to succeed at anything if you do not know what you are trying to succeed at. Having a clear vision is like programming a GPS, once you have a destination you drive towards it.

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