So what is true ‘confidence’, because I am always looking out for it?

In Australia confidence is a really fine line from being seen as big-headed or egotistical or the one I really loved from teenage-hood ‘poser’! There is another side to this and that is the lack of confidence, which many women exhibit.

Sadly, it starts at a very young age particularly in girls. Did you know that one in four females aged between 11 and 17 are weighed down by pressure to conform to an ‘ideal notion’ of how they should look! There is widespread lack of physical confidence among young females that has led them to spend an average of 42 minutes a day working on their appearance, choosing outfits, applying make-up etc, by contrast time spent on homework which averages slightly higher at 52 minutes a day.

In the guardian I read that, almost 50% of women believe they would be further in their career if they had more self-belief (. So what can be done to help women overcome a lack of confidence? One factor is that building of confidence needs to start at a young age.

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In good faith, my mother observed me with my baby as I was saying what a beautiful, gorgeous girl she was. Meaning well, my mother stopped me and said, ‘be careful, don’t say that to her, she will grow up conceited.’ Without even looking at my mother and continuing to look at my 6 week old baby girl I said, ‘Mum, I am going to continue to tell her how wonderful and beautiful she is because by the time she turns 18 many people would have beaten her confidence down’! My mum agreed…


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  • Blog article written by Peta Main
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  • Speaker at our project: Re-Energising Women To Re-Enter The Workforce
  • Presentation Topic: Confidence
  • 17 Feb 2016 @ The Rise in Maylands


Re-energising women - speaker - PETA MAIN


Author: Ruth O'Dwyer