Writing Your Resume and Your Social Media Profile – Interview with Tanya Beechey

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Say what you actually did – not what your job description says.

Your resume, or ‘CV’ is your most important marketing tool when applying for a job.  If it’s poorly written it is going to be tough getting the job, or even being granted an interview, whatever your qualifications or experience.  While your social media profile is important,  your resume is the first impression for you and your skills to stand out in front of a potential employer.  Recruiters will probably check on your LinkedIn profile, so it should highlight your main strengths and be written in a more informal style with additional information to that in your resume.  A professionally written resume should be viewed as an investment, not as a cost.

We interviewed Tanya Beechey of Tanya Beechey Consulting, who is speaking on Writing Resumes in Bunbury on 30th June.

Q: Tanya, share your expertise – describe what you offer to people attending on the day and why you are good at what you do?

A: Since the late 1980’s my career has involved working with people, human resources and in assisting others.  With a background in the resource industry that commenced in Port Hedland, migrated to Pinjarra Refinery and now located in the South West, my experience continues to assist many in their return to employment, source of a better position or a complete change of career.  Besides running my own business writing consultancy, I also work as a part-time Career Consultant for Skill Hire, specifically with 15 – 21 year olds.

Q: How will you be able to help women – what skills will they learn from you?  

A: I am a mother of six children and know what it is like to juggle family and paid employment.  Many women don’t realise the transferable skills that they have developed over the years even if they haven’t been in paid employment for some time.  I will assist women to identify where their skills lie and how they may be able to obtain a position that assists them financially as well as fulfilling their desire to work outside the home.

Q: Share a personal story – how have your skills helped someone in your professional career (an example).

A: I am often approached to write a resume for a person who hasn’t worked in many years.  Generally it is due to having devoted their time to raising their children.  Self-esteem is often low when they are thinking about getting back into the workforce.  However, on having a discussion with the person I have been able to ascertain that some of the activities that they have been doing over the years, may actually have transferable skills that would be of benefit to an employer.  Identifying particular training needs is also something I have much experience in, having worked as a TAFE lecturer and also now as a Career Consultant.

Q: What are you Top 5 Tips and what led you to share them?

A: My top five tips have come about from seeing resumes supplied to me to ‘fix’ that have been written like a short story, and in some cases, a long one.  No-one these days has the time to read in full a person’s resume.  They will give it a cursory scan in the first instance to see what leaps out that is relevant to the position they are trying to fill.  Bragging is essential – what have you achieved.  It’s a competitive field and you need to stand out from the next person.  There isn’t any purpose in putting a referee if they aren’t contactable.  It is courtesy to check with a referee that they are still okay to be on your resume and alert them to the position you are going for so they are well informed should they receive a call.

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Keep it concise and don’t waffle
  2. Say what you actually did – not what your job description says
  3. What are your key achievements
  4. What transferable skills do you have
  5. Are your referees contactable

Q: What inspires you and why do you want to be involved in this event?

A: I have always enjoyed being in a room full of women.  I find it energising, with much value being gained from the networking/chatting opportunities.  It is terrific to hear other people’s background and stories.  Women are naturally great sharers and always happy to assist another woman.  I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce and was very happy to be asked to share some tips and ideas with the women today.

  • An interview with Tanya Beechey (written by Alexia Brbich)
  • Tanya Beechey Consulting
  • Speaker at our project:  Re-energising Women to Re-enter the Workforce
  • Presentation Topic:  Writing Resumes
  • Event:  30 June 2016 @ Bunbury CCI, 15 Stirling Street, Bunbury, Western Australia

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