Thankyou: Facilitators supporting the event on 17 Feb

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Re-energising women - speaker - Thankyou - Karen Livey       Re-energising women - speaker - Thankyou - Louise Kelly

A big thank you goes out to Karen Livey and Louise Kelly for providing their expertise and support to the WILD’C project.

All of our speakers are very accomplished but having access to professionals that can help improve and streamline the content to meet the audience needs is truly a valuable asset to the development of this event and the project.

Here is a check list that might be useful for your next speaking engagement.

Checklist for materials provided for preparing a great workshop and presentation:  (courtesy of Louise Kelly)
  • Does it cover the promised content?
  • Is it specific and relevant to your speaker topic?
  • Is it easy for someone returning to the workforce to understand?
  • Is it one sheet of A4 – no smaller than 12 point?
  • Have you got your contact  details on it?


Thanks again! We love having a community that actively contribute and participate in our initiatives.


You can connect with these wonderful experts here:




Author: Ruth O'Dwyer