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Re-entering the workforce is challenging enough without the worry of how your digital presence will affect future opportunities in the workforce.

At the event on 17 February 2016, Marianne Rom will be covering a whole range of key features on social media and how this can impact your in the professional space. Some key topics include:

  • the importance of a digital cleanse and provide tools and strategies to “hide” the not so good by pushing out great content
  • understanding the expectations of the employer in regards to social media use both personally and privately and how it can affect the working relationship
  • how your brand has already been developed whether you realised it or not and that is how others see you
  • and you will get tips and strategies on how to improve your social presence which should mirror your offline behaviour.


1. Fill out your social media profiles fully
2. Think before you post or reply
3. Choose your “friends” – Don’t just friend everyone
4. Don’t send out invitations to birthdays and games!
5. Tone & Voice – Check your spelling, grammar and tone before posting.


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    Blog article written by Marianne Rom
    Social Ediquette:
    Speaker at our project: Re-Energising Women To Re-Enter The Workforce
    Presentation Topic: Social Media for Professionals
    Event: 17 Feb 2016 @ The Rise in Maylands

    Re-energising women - wildc speaker - MARIANNE ROM

    Re-energising women – wildc speaker – MARIANNE ROM (**LINK TO SPEAKER PROFILE PAGE**)
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    Author: Ruth O'Dwyer