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Active wear, active wear… doing everything in my active wear.  You’ve heard it, you’ve probably seen it on social media and some of you may even live it.  Hell I admit I do it too sometimes, actually all the time.  I have lived in casual gym gear for the last 15 years of my life.  It sort of goes with the territory, working at a gym, owning our own health clubs and teaching health, fitness and wellness.

Every day we are “motivated” to be fitter, stronger and better looking than we currently are.  Every day we are “inspired” by our peers to be superfit, super toned, super beautiful and super nourished with super foods and every day we say to ourselves “I need to be like this.”  And every day that makes us feel inadequate.

You know what though? … Getting back to the basics and disregarding the super will take you further than you know.  I know because I have done just that.  It is so easy to get attracted to the bling of working out.  You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure.  The designer gym gear, the workout of the day (WOD), the apps and the gadgets.  There’s so much out there to get us on the right track!

But what if I said “you don’t need all of that” and what if I said “I have some simple strategies that will help make you feel better, cope with life better, allow you to fit more into your day and it can all fit into whatever schedule you have.”  You would want to know wouldn’t you?   Exercise, movement and enjoyment of that exercise and movement will make a difference to you like it hasn’t before.   Come and learn how to do it right  – for you, no-one else, just you!  Take what you want and run with it, pun intended.



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Blog article written by Tracy Gott
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Speaker at our project: Re-Energising Women To Re-Enter The Workforce
Presentation Topic: Physical Wellbeing
17 Feb 2016 @ The Rise in Maylands

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Author: Ruth O'Dwyer