Practical and personalised tools for returning to Work: CV’s, Cover letter and Social Media

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It may have been quite some time since you thought about, let alone applied for a job. You may be feeling overwhelmed by just that thought and how different the process may be; since you have been somewhat ‘out of the loop’ going about your day-to-day life.

How do People/Women/Mum’s ‘in particular’ gear themselves up for the ‘return to work’ merry-go-round when they feel the time is right – they have established realistic career goals and ensured themselves and all of those around them that the household will cope without them being there 24/7?

Well you ensure YOU are equipped with all of the essential ‘tools of the NOW trade’ to begin with and they are –

1. Your CV – this is the first document that ‘sells’ your personal brand – A well written CV outlining who you are and what you are able to offer your very next Employer –

  • Basic personal information
  • Individual career objective and career overview
  • Formal education, training, industry certifications and qualifications
  • Skills and attributes
  • Specific industry or trade experience (detailed information)
  • Previous employment history (include achievements)
  • Referee’s (work related and verifiable)

2. Subsidiary Documents – Writing a specific Cover Letter for the role in which you are applying for

  • Research – ensure you study the Company (via their website) and get a really good feel for the business knowing that you would be happy to be a part of it. This will create the right mindset for you to begin with as you will no doubt uncover a sense of the company’s culture, tone and capabilities – some of these may be worth noting in your personalised Cover Letter for the specific role and how they relate to your individual values and expertise.
  • Tell YOUR story – why is it that you are interested in this role, how are you able to demonstrate the need for them to shortlist you, and what relevant ‘soft skills’ are you able to bring to the table?
  • Include your relevant experiences to the job advertisement in particular, and highlight applicable career achievements to really give it a boost!
  • Confirm how your qualifications and certifications are relevant to the position and what the company is asking for of their next Employee
  • Wrap it up with a BANG – why are you keen for the role and what is your interest in the company, why they need to invest the time to shortlist you and at least offer you and interview and what your availability is for an opportunity.

3. LinkedIn – The Online CV for the world to see and to create connections

  • LinkedIn – why this Social Media platform is so important to connect and comment and really is an extension of your other career documentation.
  • Your Personal Summary needs to ‘sell’ you! Remember this is your personal ‘Branding Tool’ that everyone has access too
  • Make sure your Summary it isn’t too long winded
  • Condense your Experience Section
  • Become a ‘Groupie’ – join appropriate Groups that interest you, that you may have an affiliation with or that may offer mentors for your ‘return to work’
  • Ensure you have a decent ‘work related’ profile picture and background picture that suits your ‘Personal Brand’ and the message you are wanting future Employers to perceive
  • Include your ‘skills’. Be strategic yet consider the skills that you have to enhance your job search and allow Recruiters/Hiring Managers to find YOU!

4. Congrats – You are all over it!

Now hold on for the ride and get ready for the phone to ring so that the interview can be arranged and you are successful to be the candidate to secure the role!

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    Author: Ruth O'Dwyer