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If you were to turn up to a party – what would people say about you?
Your Personal Brand is your reputation.
Everything you do, every day, either positively or negatively impacts your reputation.
The key to having a great Personal Brand or reputation is to BE you – consciously and consistently.
This is where we can often get stuck –
a) We don’t really know who we are – and/or
b) We’re not true to ourselves. We edit ourselves, wear a mask or play a role, because being who we really are, cannot possibly be good enough.
The secret to your success is to be aware of who you are
And to bring your whole self to your working life.
But who are you? What is YOUR Personal Brand?
Understanding who you are, will also help you find the right work- life fit. Whether that’s the right workplace or your own business.
Wouldn’t it be really refreshing if you could just be who you are at work! Your whole, real, self.
And for you to get the most out of your work, and for your workplace or business to get the most out of you?
When you are yourself and have nothing to hide, you are relaxed, more effective, energised, productive and happier, which leads to job satisfaction and fulfilment. I call it emotional value.
At the Re-energising Women To Re-enter The Workforce event – we are going to have a fun look at who you are.
We are going to take a little look at your Brand Personality and in doing so get a glimpse of your values.
We’re going to help you to understand YOU and how you can develop your Personal Brand for work-life success.

Personal Brand Energy – Top 5 Tips

  1. Be conscious of who you are, where you are and your impact. Be responsible for the energy that you bring.
  2. Be authentic.  Bring your whole self and be true to you. It’s the secret to long term success. Like Energy attracts.
  3. Be discerning where and with whom you invest your energy. Understand your rules of engagement. Energy creates energy.
  4. Be clear on your intent. Make your intent positive, kind and as specific as you can. Energy follows intent.
  5. Serve – understand work is about value exchange, both functional and emotional. To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Understand strong relationships are two way.

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    Blog article written by Cath Sutherland
Inspiration Source:
Speaker at our project: Re-Energising Women To Re-Enter The Workforce
Presentation Topic: Balancing the transition back to the workforce
Event: 17 Feb 2016 @ The Rise in Maylands
Re-energising women – wildc speaker – CATH SUTHRLAND (**LINK TO SPEAKER PROFILE PAGE**)
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