Business networking is an essential part of our work and we need to be consistent with it.

It’s not only about making connections and building mutually beneficial relationships with a great variety of interesting people, but it can also lead to more business and career opportunities.  Networking is not selling, it’s about asking questions and learning about the person you’re talking to, sharing thoughts and ideas and seeing if there is an opportunity to assist them and their business.

We interviewed Allison Sawyer of the Bunbury Chamber of Commerce & Industries, who is speaking on Networking in Bunbury on the 30th June.  

Q:  Allison, share your expertise – describe what you offer to people attending on the day and why you are good at what you do?

A:  A diverse range of job experience and involvement with the greater Bunbury business community. Involved in and have been organising business networking events in the Bunbury region for the past 8 years.

Q:  How will you be able to help women – what skills will they learn from you?

A:  Provide them with an understanding of how business operates; giving them an insight into how to find the perfect job for them. To understand the art of communication, enabling them to better understand what the employer is looking for.

 Q:  Share a personal story – how have your skills helped someone in your professional career:       

 A:  Introducing new businesses to networking events encourages the owners and staff in attendance, the opportunity to meet and get to know each other in a less formal setting. Often this leads to conducting business together and in some cases long term contracts are struck.  

  Q:  What are your Top 5 Tips and what led you to share them?   

  A:  To enhance the attendee’s knowledge enabling them to be better equipped to obtain the optimum result of finding the perfect employment for them.

   Top 5 Tips:

  • Existing networks; how can they work for you?
  • Identify your goals and network accordingly
  • Business Cards
  • Confidence is the key.
  • Follow up – why this is so important.

Q:  What inspires you and why do you want to be involved in this event?

A:  Inspirational people such as the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela plus the belief that anything is possible. Having always been involved in advocating on behalf of the female gender through a long history with the military during an era of inequality in the workplace; being unemployed and a single parent trying to re-enter the work force. This life experience has given me a great depth of knowledge on how to navigate the waters to return to work and find the job that most suits their circumstances.

  • An interview with Allison Sawyer (written by Alexia Brbich)
  • Bunbury Chamber of Commerce & Industries,
  • Speaker at our project: Re-energising Women to Re-enter the Workforce
  • Presentation Topic:  Networking
  • Event:  30 June 2016 @ Bunbury CCI, 15 Stirling Street, Bunbury, Western Australia

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    Author: Phoebe Wong