Your success at networking will depend on how well you know what your desired outcome is. You can get out there to give of yourself, to meet others or to learn. Be generous though– be interested and not just interesting – and your networks will provide an amazing foundation for the growth of your business and your career.
Once you move on from your immediate circle – and their circle – there comes a time where building your networks either through online networking – such as Facebook Groups and pages – or via face to face networking is beneficial. So often our friends and family would love to help – but we need to help them by letting them know how. Get clear on what you need and ask.
Start by looking at who you already have a connection with. I am constantly amazed at the number of people who go out to build business networks from scratch – as if this will then entitle them to an outcome. Look at who you know first. Can you then ask for introductions?  Do not pre-judge your existing connections – it’s not always about them – but about who they know.
You already have networking skills. We all have family and social networks – be they small and intimate or large and ever growing.  Use these as a foundation for building the networks that will assist with growing your business, getting started or securing the position of your dreams.
I can’t wait to share more and look forward to seeing you at our event.

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Re-energising women – wildc speaker – SHARRON ATTWOOD

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    Check out our full list of speakers for this event: Speakers 16 Nov 2016

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    Author: Ruth O'Dwyer