Masterclass unconvention and your “perfect personal pitch” (WILD’C event 23 March: wrap-up)

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On the 23rd March we held our third collaborative event. It was a great night and a couple of key phrases that were the theme of the night. The first one was “quality over quantity”. March is a very busy month for all of us and our committee of 20 key women were all out looking after their own business lives. But the women who did attend, WOW! Thankyou for sharing your time with the group.

“quality over quantity” 

We had our first unofficial Masterclass Unconvention called “Piece of the Puzzle”. I hosted a learning session around “Perfecting Your Pitch” and each and every single one of us left empowered with knowledge and new awareness, some left excited and invigorated about their new business journey, and others left feeling more confident about how to present their personal pitch in the corporate world.

Everyone was willing to share their expertise and knowledge to help others craft their personal pitch and this epitomizes the essence of WILD’C network. Collaboration, a willingness to share and a genuine desire to help others.

“Perfecting Your Pitch” 

This leads to me to the second key phrase of the night: “what problem do you solve?”. The is the ultimate question that needs to be answered and if you can do that in one sentence then this is the basis of your perfect pitch.

“what problem do you solve?”

The vibe of the event really was about genuine and authentic connection. It was wonderful to see everyone being so open to learning and sharing. Table Talk revolved around social enterprise, local charities, business strategy, seo, sharing contacts and referrals, and unconscious bias even got a mention in our discussion around women and leadership.

Our guests shared their projects which covered a new program called energised leader, we learnt about the three different minds (head, heart and stomach), a boutique real estate company that only employs Mum’s returning to work, new career assessment tools, a newly developed role at a big corporate to look at project analysis and streamlined global strategies, and a new workshop around business marketing sensibility.


To sum up, it was an amazing collective of women that truly embraced the core values of WILD’C. Give-back, share, network, collaborate and being open to the new.


Fantastic night ladies! Thanks for being part of the Women In Leadership Driving Change vision for creating positive change.


Written by:

Ruth O’Dwyer | Struth Ruth

Founder of WILD’C Network

Women In Leadership Driving Change


Author: Ruth O'Dwyer