How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand – Interview with Sharron Attwood

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A brand was previously associated with a company, but today personal branding is marketing yourself and your career as a brand. Social media and the internet have created greater emphasis on personal branding and authenticity, so you need to cultivate and manage it. A powerful personal brand can assist in building you as an expert in your field or niche, and is of enormous value, whether you own a business or are working with an organization.

We interviewed Sharron Attwood of Brand Etiquette, who is speaking on Personal Branding in Bunbury on 30th June.

Tip: Google yourself prior to the event to check on your digital footprint.

you are your own brand

Q: Sharron, share your expertise – describe what you offer to people attending on the day and why you are good at what you do?

A: I’m a product of having a strong personal brand so I know firsthand how important it is.

I’ll offer an insight in to how everyone has a brand – whether you know it or not. Your brand is whatever other people say it is and you need to have an awareness of it.

My expertise: I have a background in corporate HR and Recruitment. I have then chosen to study a lot, at first it was to increase my own personal development and it has all now merged into my business.

I have learnt from many PD trainers and speakers, have Diploma’s in Health Science & Beauty Therapy. I’m a ABNLP Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Performance Coach and a trained Speaker and Presenter. I’m a member of ICG and a Corporate Style mentor.

Q: Sharron, how will you be able to help women – what skills will they learn from you?

A: We’ll cover what a Personal Brand is and why you need to know what yours is.
You’ll learn how to tap into the feedback others are giving you about what your Personal Brand is.
We will look at the different parts of who we are being, what we say, how we say it.

The ways to build rapport, how to let others like you – don’t make it hard!
Consider how others refer you to other people, what are you known for? How does that work in with your future plans?

Q: Share a personal story – how have your skills helped someone in your professional career?

A: Client looking for work – we undertook a skills analysis and looked at what her Personal Brand was. We identified aspects of her brand that needed to be highlighted to assist in getting her the position she wanted. It’s not always about changing things or learning new things, often we just need to highlight the good things. It can often take a third party to point these things out!!

Q: Sharron what inspires you and why do you want to be involved in this event?

A: I hear from too many people, awesome people who have fabulous skills and a genuine desire to contribute but not making the right connections. Know your destination, know yourself then make sure that translates and the rest falls into place. Remove the mental clutter – the internal chatter that slows us down.

Q: What are your Top 5 Tips and what led you to share them?

A: I have seen the amazing opportunities that can come about by having a level of understanding of who I am and how others see me. Know how you can contribute and how you can make a difference. Make it easy for others to see your value.

Top 5 Tips: Personal Branding

  1. Get strong – it’s all just feedback! Be grateful for the chance to grow.
  2. Be clear about where you want to be and whom you want to be around.
  3. Know your brand – listen to the feedback.
  4. Assess if the current perception of your Personal Brand will get you there.
  5. Do the work. Read the book – listen to the speaker – seek out the mentor – follow up the conversation!


  • An interview with Sharron Attwood (Written by Alexia Brbich)
  • Brand Etiquette:
  • Speaker at our project: Re-energising Women to Re-enter the Workforce
  • Presentation Topic: Personal Branding
  • Event: 30 June 2016 @ Bunbury CCI, 15 Stirling Street, Bunbury, WA

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