Finding work-life balance by starting a business

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If you’re like me, the very thought of beginning your own business thrills you to the core.
You know your idea is special, or that you have a talent that lies fallow waiting for someone to shine a light on it.
Being a business owner is also going to plant you on a steep learning curve professionally and personally and perhaps deliver you a hefty dose of “Mama Guilt.”
Building a sustainable business that will help you clamber out of the role of perpetually underpaid employee or stay at home parent and turn you into an empire builder – this really is achievable.
If, as women and mothers, we are able to resource a solid support system and are prepared to challenge some of the beliefs we have about ourselves, we could just find that our dreams become our regular lives sooner than we ever expected.
One of the trickiest challenges some women face in a business owning role is to ensure they’re recognising their own value. We know we’re valuable to our family, but do we have the guts and glory to believe in our own capacity to really take on the small business world?
Valuing yourself means investing in your lifelong learning, resourcing the tools for growth and polishing the skills that are inherent in you to charge what you’re worth.
I’m delighted to be able to share my transition from undervalued to emancipated, juggling family, a disability and creating a flourishing business from starting out as an unfunded business owner.


  • Just begin! Progress is better than perfection.
  • Resource (a team) and outsource (to those who are professionals in their field).
  • Believe in your own value.
  • Find a work/life blend. If you’re always looking for balance, you’ll always be juggling.
  • Overcoming obstacles is as difficult and as easy as breaking them down piece by piece



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    Author: Ruth O'Dwyer