Busy – but busy going where? Time Management with Angie Spiteri

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December already! How has 2015 travelled for you? Are you closing off on your annual goals or not yet started… or some of both??

At the end of every year I love to sit down and take stock of what happened and decide what’s next!

This article is about the coaching questions I ask myself and the process I undertake…

1.  Work out how much time I really have given my workload for the next 3 months. Knowing this really helps me keep my plans realistic

2.  Ask myself, for this year to be AWESOME , what would I need to get in place? This is about reflecting on:

  • Long term goals (the bigger picture)  and  how long have I had this goal and have I made any movement on it?
  • If not and I’m still wanting to achieve it THEN what/who am I going to invest in to get help

3. Once I’ve decided specially on the WHAT, then I assess where I am at right now and what needs to happen every quarter to get the project finished within the year.

eg HOW and WHO is going to do WHAT and in WHICH Quarter.

4. Lastly, I map out the details for the first quarter. So I can gauge if I am on track, ahead or behind!

My plans are my road map that help me keep on course. Without them I will always be “busy”… but busy going where?

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    Author: Ruth O'Dwyer