Balancing the Transition Back to Work: Reflect

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Are there times during the day when you hear a voice in your head giving you a running commentary about what you’re doing, saying, wearing, thinking, feeling, interacting with others…….? Well you’re not alone and I promise you’re not crazy.

That voice is what we call “self-talk”. All of us engage in self-talk and us women, do it a LOT. Our self-talk has a huge impact on how we feel, the decisions we make and what we do (or don’t do). So if our self-talk is positive, then we’ll step out with confidence, take risks and live the life we want to. If it’s not….we tend to shrink ourselves, accept less than we want and deserve and live an unfulfilled life.

So when it comes to thinking about returning to work, one of the first things we need to do is check our self-talk. What we say to ourselves about returning to work is going to be determined by a whole heap of things like why we left work in the first place, why we’re going back and everything that has occurred during those years in the middle. In short, our self-talk will reflect our bottom-line, hand-on-heart beliefs about ourselves.

If you feel ridiculously removed from the working woman you once were, you may find your self-talk is not so crash hot or helpful. But the reality is, regardless of why you left the workplace, how long you’ve been gone and why you are going back…….you’ve learned and grown. I promise.

So here it is! Explore your self-talk, challenge any of your ‘negative Nancy’ self-talk (sorry to the Nancy’s out there) and acknowledge the enormous growth that you’ve experienced. Because all that growth… will take it to this next chapter of your life.


  • Reflection, Connection, Community & Transformation
  • Know yourself
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    Author: Ruth O'Dwyer