16 top tips to get you ready to re-enter the workforce

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16 top tips from our amazing line up of speakers – how to get yourself ready to return to the workforce. It is a common journey that many women face. They have been out of the workforce for a number of years, and it really has an impact on that journey back in. Technology changes, speaking confidently, what to include in your resume, how do you prepare yourself to manage your life as a working mum, or how do your rebuild your professional career.  Our speakers have provided some great tips to get you started.  


  • Mindfulness is a way of being not something we need to do or achieve, it is about being present and experiencing each moment as it is. (Vida Carlino: Vision – goal setting – mindfulness – purpose)
  • 50% of women believe they would be further in their career if they had more self-belief. The building of confidence needs to start at a young age. (Peta Main – Confidence)
  • Learn how to take what you want and run with it, (pun intended). What is right – Just for you! (Tracy Gott – Physical Well-being)
  • Know yourself, Ground yourself, Surround yourself, Grow yourself (Kirstin Bouse – Balancing the transition back to work)


  • The most common problem is that people think they need more money. Quite simply all you need is a plan. (Helen Devereaux – Budgeting)
  • Very simply, it all starts with education, and figuring out what’s really happening in your money flow…having money is a responsibility and it will respond to those who are in the know of what to do with it when you get it. (Deanne Carter – Financial Independence)
  • Understanding for everything you say Yes to… something else is not going to be done (Angela Spiteri – Time Management)
  • A digital cleanse is essential as you look to re-enter the workforce. “Hide” the not so good stuff by pushing out great content (Marianne Rom – Social Media for Professional Use)



  • Be authentic. Bring your whole self and be true to you. It’s the secret to long term success. (Cath Sutherland – Personal Branding)
  • Your cover letter should tell YOUR story – why is it that you are interested in this role, how are you able to demonstrate the need for them to shortlist you, and what relevant ‘soft skills’ are you able to bring to the table (Dani Tamati – Writing Resumes )
  • It is natural to feel nervous, but remember that the employer expects this and simply wants to hear what you can offer them. You are being interviewed because the company is confident you can do the job. (Jenny Gleeson – Interview Techniques)
  • Comfortable, light and neat (Marie Malaxos, Clothing For Work)


  • Find a work/life blend. If you’re always looking for balance, you’ll always be juggling. (Jay Crisp Crow – Business start-up)
  • Your success at networking will depend on how well you know what your desired outcome is. Be generous though– be interested and not just interesting (Sharron Atwood – Networking)
  • Focus on the listener and not yourself. As the speaker you are merely the messenger, it is the message that is important (Lisa Evans – Speaking Confidently)
  • One genuine new relationship is worth a fistful of business cards – Susan Cain (Source: – from Sheryll Fisher – Leadership Skills from an Introvert)

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Author: Ruth O'Dwyer